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About Ken Radon

Ken Radon, 74, discovered his love of painting after retiring from his career as a middle school teacher in Tucson, Arizona. He picked up his first paintbrush during a trip to visit his daughter in Washington, D.C. She had a blank canvas sitting on an easel in her apartment, and he was curious to see what he could create. Ken was intimidated at first. He suffers from a neurological disorder that causes tremors, so keeping a steady hand sufficient for painting is a challenge. Through trial and error, he discovered a method that enabled him to create the designs he envisioned in his mind: he uses edging tape to outline the shapes and contours of his paintings. The tape generates the clean lines seen in Ken's artwork that he would not otherwise be able to achieve given his disorder, but the acrylic paint between those lines is full of texture and complexity owing to the tremors in Ken's hands. All of his paintings are 30" by 24" acrylic on canvas. Some of his more detailed paintings can use over a quarter-mile of tape creating more than 1300 tiny mosaic squares. 


As a life-long educator and coach, Ken's most rewarding pursuits have been those where he has nourished his sense of community through creative expression. Upon retiring, Ken wrote and published two murder-mystery novels; a process that led to close acquaintanceships with novelists and bibliophiles alike. His artwork enables him to continue in the same vein by connecting him with a community of artists, enthusiasts, and everyone who is drawn to his unique perspective. Ken recently moved from Florida to Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and looks forward to engaging in a vibrant arts community. 

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